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Pediatric Chiropractic in Kalkaska

At Village Chiropractic Wellness Center, your entire family is welcome. Dr. Kareen loves to see kids, parents and grandparents all benefitting from chiropractic care. Adjusted since her father entered chiropractic school when she was 7, she knows firsthand how beneficial chiropractic is for families.

You May Not Know Your Child Needs Help

Kids don’t complain of pain like adults to. With each injury, your child can have scar tissue build up or ligaments that get stuck in unhealthy patterns. The spine becomes misaligned, which can lead to problems later in life. By the time a child turns 18, corrections may be impossible to make. Instead, their condition can only be managed.

The birthing process itself can change the structure in your baby’s skull and upper spine. These areas control the eyes, coordination, balance and more. You might notice that your child seems to fall often, has ear issues or other problems that are related to the skull and upper spine area, which are put through great trauma during birth.

That’s why Dr. Kareen recommends you bring your baby in as soon as possible after birth to get checked. Her two children were adjusted from the day they were born and have enjoyed abundant health for their whole lives!

Dr. Kareen is certified in the Webster Technique, which addresses intrauterine constraint. If there is pressure on the uterus, it can affect your baby’s spinal and brain development, as well as cause the skull to become malformed.

If you’re bringing your baby or child in for an initial visit, book the appointment for a time of day when they’re generally the happiest. Make sure they’re well-fed. It can also be a good idea to bring their favorite toy in with them. Dr. Kareen will be patient and make sure your child is ready for their first adjustment. Sometimes, the first visit is just about getting to know them and playing with them. Dr. Kareen will never rush things.

Dr. Kareen has a pediatric table in-office for your children to be adjusted on. She has taken courses and trained in how to adjust children gently and effectively. If your kids hear a noise during their adjustment, we joke that it’s popcorn. It’s just gas moving through the joints and no cause for concern.

If your baby is being adjusted, you can hold them the entire time. Just a light touch of the fingers is all that’s needed for the adjustment. Though your baby may cry, rest assured it is not due to pain. Rather, it’s because they’re not as mobile when Dr. Kareen is holding them for their adjustment.

Chiropractic Was the Answer

Dr. Kareen had a pediatric patient who was just a toddler but had gone through round after round of antibiotics. With recurring high fevers, the medical doctors were certain that ear infections kept plaguing the girl. Another chiropractor, however, thought the girl had bladder-related issues. Sure enough, further testing showed the sphincters on the girl’s kidneys weren’t closing, causing urine to flow back into the kidneys and cause infection.

There are thousands of females in the U.S. who have this problem. Often, they end up needing to have a kidney transplant in their 30s because the kidneys cease working after antibiotic overuse.

The girl’s mom brought her to see Dr. Kareen. After two and a half months of care, the girl could make it through the night without wetting the bed. A month later, another test was carried out that showed the sphincters were closing. Everything was working just as it should.

Seeing Quick Results

You might be surprised how fast your child responds to care. Contact us today to schedule your child’s appointment for pediatric chiropractic Kalkaska!

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