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Meet Dr. Kareen Oosterhart

Since the age of 8, Dr. Kareen has been under chiropractic care. Her father set up his own practice when she was 11, and from that point, she managed his office. The whole family attended a seminar held by Dr. James Sigafoose, which made Dr. Kareen decide she wanted to become a chiropractor.

There was a particular challenge, however, when it came to passing the required chemistry courses. Instead, Dr. Kareen continued to be her father’s office manager. She got married and had two children. Though she loved being a mom and wife, something was missing. That something was the chiropractic career she’d dreamed of.

Completing a Chiropractic Education

At age 27, Dr. Kareen decided to make a change. Her family moved to Davenport, Iowa, so that she could attend Palmer College of Chiropractic. There, she earned her Doctor of Chiropractic.

Dr. Kareen is certified in the Webster Technique and is a Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner®. She’s passionate about chiropractic and continuing to learn. To bring chiropractic to underserved communities, she has participated in several mission trips. “I love seeing a person’s eyes light up after an adjustment.”

Loving Life

Dr. Kareen and her husband (also her best friend) have two adult children, Kendra and Jared. Both were adjusted since their birth. Because of chiropractic, they’ve been sick only a few times in their life. Dr. Kareen is a grandmother to two. She loves to spend time with her family or go kayaking with friends.

It’s important to Dr. Kareen that she practices what she preaches to her patients. She tries to make healthy decisions about her life and educates people on what they can do to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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